University of Hawaii Surgical Critical Care Fellowship Program

The University of Hawaii Surgical Residency Program seeks to prepare residents to become surgeons of the highest caliber. This program strives to accomplish this by providing each resident with a rich educational experience in a variety of clinical settings. The three main program components - curriculum, research, and service - are structured to enable the resident to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and clinical judgment needed for the practice of general surgery. The many graduates of the program that have become successful surgeons locally and in mainland communities benefited greatly from the wealth of teaching expertise and clinical experience afforded by their residency training in Hawaii.


Educational Philosophy and Goals

The University of Hawaii Surgical Critical Care Fellowship Program seeks to prepare the SCC fellow to become a dedicated surgical intensivist who will continue to carry on the spirit of teaching as well as to strive for improving patient care. The year spent in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit will be an educational and growing experience for the SCC fellow. The SCC fellow will be the central contact person for the residents, nurses, attendings, consultants and other ancillary services. Besides mastering the clinical knowledge of intensive care medicine, the SCC fellow will grow as a teacher, administrator, arbitrator, and researcher. Due to the nature of critical care medicine, difficult political and ethical issues will be part of the daily experience. At some point during the year, the SCC fellow will begin to act the role of an attending. This metamorphosis in roles comes from gaining knowledge, respect from colleagues and self-confidence.

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