University of Hawaii Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program

Education Grants:  The Department has received several education grants:

  • John A. Hartford Foundation Center of Excellence in Geriatric Medicine, to train academic geriatricians to fill medical school faculty positions and to develop geriatrics programs.  This program has been continually funded since 1998.
  • Donald W. Reynolds Foundation grants - the first grant (2001-06) was entitled “Comprehensive Programs to Strengthen Physicians' Training in Geriatrics,” to increase teaching and develop innovative curricula in geriatrics in all years of the medical school, several residency programs, and continuing medical education.  The second grant (2011-14) is entitled “Next Steps in Physicians’ Training in Geriatrics,” to increase teaching and develop innovative curricula in interdisciplinary team care geriatrics, for all years of medical school and many residency/fellowship programs.
  • The Pacific Islands Geriatric Education Center, to provide training in Geriatrics for physicians and allied health care professionals.  This grant also provides geriatrics training to the Pacific Islands.
  • National Training Center for the Medical Student Training in Aging Research (MSTAR Program), which was funded from 2005-10.  The University of Hawaii was one of 7 medical schools that received a 5-year grant from the National Institute on Aging to be a National Training Center for aging research for medical students.  The program was very successful, and numerous students presented research abstracts at local and national meetings and many won local and national awards.
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