University of Hawaii General Surgery Residency Program

HRP (Hawaii Residency Programs, Inc.) is a not-for-profit educational institution committed to providing the opportunity for post-graduate education to qualified medical school graduates accepted into one of our residency training programs (including the Surgical Residency Program). All non-U.S. citizens seeking employment with HRP must hold an exchange visitor (J-1) visa, an immigrant visa or federal work permit. International Medical Graduates (IMGs), whether foreign-born or American-born, are required to hold the standard Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certification. HRP will assist foreign-born medical school graduates accepted into an HRP residency program in applying for a J-1 visa if the graduate does not already hold a valid visa or federal work permit. The Immigration and Nationality Act permits an International Medical Graduate (IMG) with a J-1 visa to remain in the United States long enough to complete training in a specialty or for seven years, whichever is shorter; a graduate may change his designation of specialty once during that period. A foreign-born medical school graduate wishing to immigrate to the United States must contact the Immigration and Naturalization Service or an American Consulate for information and authorization. For information about the required examinations and procedures for obtaining an ECFMG certificate, contact ECFMG, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685. The telephone number for the ECFMG is (215) 386-5900.

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